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7 January 1969
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Let me amend this to say that since I've had to get a job to support a monkey on my back (my health insurance), I guess I can no longer be considered retired. It's just three days a week, and in season, a total of 19 hours, but I'm waiting on tenterhooks to see what kind of bite Uncle Sugar will take at income tax time.

Okay, amended once again. The house I was hostessing was sold, and as of the end of April '07 I was out of a job. I'm now working as a service clerk. Yep, 5 years of college for this. However, it pays my health insurance, so that's teh good.

As for the bite Uncle Sugar took -- I'm still cringing, since mistakes were made (not by us) and penalties were paid. (by us :-P)

I still spend my days writing slash. On good days the words flow. Not enough for NaNoWriMo, but I finish what I start. Eventually. On bad days, I tell myself I'm researching.

I like my characters, whether from fanfic or original. They give my life an added fillip. (And speaking of the characters, I've been moving steadily away from fanfic and heading in the direction of all original!all the time. If I succeed in getting any of them published, there will be rejoicing. *g*)

And more personal than that I don't think I'll get.

Well, it looks like I'll have no choice but to get more personal, but seriously, does LJ think I'm really about to give the actual year of my birth? So no, for those who might be interested, or who might be scratching their heads as to how I could possibly have been married 39 years or have graduated from Andrew Jackson in '67 if I was born in '69, 39 isn't my age. However, if it was good enough for Jack Benny...

Feb. 27 was my last day at Walgreens. I am now officially retired. And the following day, my historical, Bless Us With Content, was published by Dreamspinner. This could be the start of something big!