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The second quarter ended four days ago, and still no royalties. Meanwhile, on FB, I was called childish and chided for throwing a tantrum because I called out DSP for still not paying me.

As for the breast thing, it's still uncomfortable, although not as bad as in NY. I see Dr. Kosloff on Wednesday the 10th. She would have seen me last Thursday, but I told the receptionist we'd be in the air. Then she tried to set the appointment up for Tuesday, and it was still a no go, because we'd be flying home. There are no hours today, because the Fourth, and she doesn't work on Friday.

[personal profile] gem225 suggested I add an additional chapter to To Love Through Space and Time because the original final chapter kind of leaves things hanging, so that's what I'm doing now, and it will probably need to be looked over by an editor again. Damn chapter wouldn't work from Nick's POV, but it seems a little better from Doc's.

Oh well, off to get some walking in, and then I'll see what I can do with the story.

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I heard from Lynn from DSP the other day, and I should have my rights back by the middle of July. I need to contact JMS to make sure that will give her enough time to get the novella I have in mind out in August.

Meanwhile, it's 13 days until the end of the second quarter. I still haven't received the first quarter royalties, and I have to wonder if this entire year is going to be like this. As of today, my books are still on the website, so I imagine I can anticipate having something come in.

Other writers in the Dreamspinner stable are sticking up for the company and saying those of us who "eat from the trough" should more or less shut up and suck it up. I found the phrase to be highly offensive. We're not getting a free lunch here and have every right to expect to be paid.

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Both Elizabeth and Lynn got back to me regarding the fifteen novels/novellas Dreamspinner has. The rights should be reverting to me, and I imagine it takes a good deal of paperwork.

Seven of the books are tied to the Mann universe, so once I have them back, they'll need to be self-published. The other eight will go to JMS Books. (She's the absolute best publisher!) I was also thinking of returning The Best to its more or less Christmas setting. That's going to take a little work, because of the tight timeline--I may have to expand it to the following Christmas or else come up with a reason for there being an office party similar to what would be held at Christmas--but if I can get it to 40k, I can get a print run.

BTW still no royalties, and I've written Dreamspinner again.

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For pretty much the past year (since second quarter of 2018) royalties from a certain publisher, (which shall be nameless) have been late. Writers have commented on it and gotten one excuse after another, and royalties were eventually paid, but rumors are starting to float around the company might be in trouble. Not to cause more ripples, but that does worry me, along with the fact my royalties are becoming less and less. Face it, when a few years back I made $6k in a single quarter (a fluke? Who knows?) and now I'm down to a little more than $400, it makes me wonder.

Here's the story. Said publisher has 15 of my shorts, novels, and novellas. I can get my rights back--the last book of mine they released was in 2016--and I've been seriously considering it. The editing was good, and all I'd need to do is read the works and repair any gaffes. (and yes, there's at least one.)And yes, I have an awesome publisher who I'm pretty sure would give the books a new home. However, considering the state of the publishing world, I'm a little hesitant. So if I self-publish these shorts, novels, and novellas, I'll have to get new covers, ones I'd be much happier with in some cases, and those covers could run me at least $150/per. So we're talking over $2200. Considering we've just purchased a new home, that might not be feasible just now.

But if I get a decent quarter....

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As I’ve mentioned on FB, this year is a big birthday for me. I’ll be 39. No, seriously. Would I lie to you? Once again, I’ll be 39. (Actually, I’ve been 39 for the past 31 years. *cough )

Okay, having said that, I’m offering a sale on 1/5 from JMS Books. Destiny’s End and The Most Loved of All, the first two books of my Strange, Strange World series are available at the JMS website for 25% off. “Wait,” you say. “That isn’t much of a sale for such a big birthday.” Ah, but there’s more! If you don’t have either of these books, buy Destiny’s End, and you’ll get The Most Loved of All free!

So come on down to JMS Books and celebrate with me!

And wait! There's more! I'm blogging at Dawn's Reading Nook. Stop by and read what I have to say about writing, family, and... writing. ;-)

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It's been a long time, a very long time, since I wrote fanfiction. I don't know why all of a sudden I decided I needed to write the sequel to In Any Way, In Every Way, but I did. I'm reading over Sigh No More hopefully one last time... I am a chronic fiddler... but I should have this up on my site soon, as well as AO3. I'll post a link here once I'm happy with it.