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I'm doing another blog today. Mychael was kind enough to let me discuss two books, both about vampires. I'll give some background on them and how I came to write them.

Stop by and take a look. ;-)
I have mixed feelings about this day. It would have been the 17th birthday of my first grandson, Harry George. He was born two months premature via emergency C-section because the ultrasound tech had discovered something that sent her running for the doctor. As it turned out, Little Harry had a dilated cardiomyopathy. We had him for a little more than two months, and then, on April 17th, we got that phone call in the middle of the night.

Last year, he would have gotten his driver's license. This year, he probably would have been dating a lovely girl (or boy).

Happy birthday, little man. You're loved and missed.

Jan. 18th, 2017

Since the writing is going so freaking slow, I thought I'd better go visit some blogs to remind people I'm still here.

Today, I'm at Cameron Allie's Wednesday: #AuthorSpotlight. I discuss the start of my newest series with Destiny's End, as well as offering an exclusive excerpt from If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going. This is one of the funniest scenes I've written, and I have to admit I love a disconcerted Mark Vincent. ;-)

Gaudeamus Igitur didn't win the contest, but it did get some very nice feedback and a request to enter a sequel. Somewhere down the road, possibly, but I've got two books I'm desperate to finish, so that will have to stay on the back burner.

Home Before Daylight, the western that takes place in the 1860s, is almost finished, but it's topping out at 103k, and the word count is limited to 93k. I do have another book published with JMS Books that runs to almost 105k, so I'm hopeful this will be accepted. Otherwise, I might have to take off the last few chapters and make that its own novella.

I was saddened to hear Wilde City Books will be closing. They're doing it the right way though, informing their authors in advance that this will happen and promising to pay all royalties for their authors and fees for their cover artists and editors. After seeing what ARe did, as well as Torquere, Elora's Cave, and Samhaim, this is refreshing. I only have one novella published with them in an anthology, but it was a pleasure working with them.
Because yesterday was my birthday, Jms Books is offering all my books at 50% off. (I did so much running around yesterday I totally forgot to mention it, but the sale is still going on today.)


Join me in my birthday celebration!

This weekend, from 1/6-1/9, I'm having a birthday sale at Smashwords! My books are 50% off! Just use the following codes:

Best Laid Plans - UG75J

If You're Going Through Hell keep Going - WL49Q

Things Happen That Way - CD54W

Just the Thought of You - JD99F

These codes are not case sensitive.


I'm involved in a completion over at Bad Bible. My story is a short called Gaudeamus Igitur. If you have some spare time, hope on by, and maybe vote for it if you like it. :-)
In case you haven't heard, ARe is shutting down the site as of 12/31. From what I understand, no refunds for pre-orders will be given. If you're in that boat, contact either the publisher or the independent author and see how they can accommodate you.

I've deactivated the links to the Mann of My Dreams books. They're available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

And happy New Year to us all.


Happy, happy, joy, joy

One of these days, I'm going to comment on a friend's post, and when I want to go back to Friends Feed, I'm going to hit Remove Friend instead. (which is right below Friends Feed.) LJ gave me a song and a dance about doing something about that, so if by chance I unfriend anyone, that will be the reason why. And I'll friend again immediately. (I live in dread of this.)

As I mentioned to engarian, I'm feeling really happy, and I'll tell you why. All my Christmas cards are in the mail, as are the boxes of goodies, which are going to NY and NC.

In addition, I received an email the other day from someone who'd read I Will Meet You at Asphodel's Pit. She asked if I'd be interested in entering something in a competition. Sure, why not? I dusted off the beginning of a story which should have been the sequel to A Little Man, based on People Will Talk. It was only about 300 words (I'd lost a floppy -- and yes, it was that long ago) and I'd lost all ambition to write the story). It only had to be 1500 words, but right now it's more than 4k, so again \o/, and I'll be getting back to it shortly.

I've also gotten back to what I call my Civil War/Western, to clarify that it takes place at that time and isn't a contemporary. This was languishing in its folder since 2013, but earlier this fall, one of the main characters became chatty, and so we were off. The problem is for about half the story, it's being told by the MC's father. The third quarter will be told by MC1, and the last quarter by MC2. I'm hoping JMS will accept Home Before Daylight, otherwise I'll have to self-publish it.

Okay, back to Gaudeamus Igitur.
Wishing everyone here in the States a very Happy Thanksgiving.

And to all my other friends, have a wonderful day. :-)


Darling James, the companion piece/ sequel to Greater Love Hath No Man, is today's deal of the day at ARe. It's available for $1.99!