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Mar. 15th, 2017

Home Before Sundown is up on JMS's Coming Soon page, and it's on sale!

George Pettigrew and his papa must leave the California rancho they'd lived on since his birth. They end up in New York City, where Papa marries and George gets a new beloved mama. George also meets Frank and Bart who become fast friends, and in Bart's case, even more.

The start of the Civil War leaves George the man of the family, but although he’s found a job, it’s difficult to pay the ever-increasing rent. Then Papa dies at Appomattox and Mama falls ill.

After Mama dies, her father takes George’s siblings. When George learns his younger sister is being abused, he rescues the three children. But will dressing his sisters as boys and himself as a woman be enough of a disguise to keep them safe until they can reach the valley he’s dreamed of? Will Bart leave behind his own family and go with the man he loves?

Happy Birthday, Patt!

Wishing you a wonderful day!
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What's Going On

So this is what's going on. I finished Home Before Sundown, JMS Books will be publishing it, and we're anticipating a release day of April 1. (April Fool's? I hope that isn't a sign.)

I think it's been a while since I talked about the first book I had published.

When I saw this cover, I cringed and pleaded with my publisher for something, anything else. He told me no, they were already getting sales based on the cover. Well, as I said, first book. What did I know? That was on May 9, 2009. I have no idea how sales went, but in the almost seven years, I haven't seen a penny in royalties. Yesterday, I emailed the publisher and asked for another cover. I also asked, if that wasn't feasible, what it would cost to buy back my rights. I honestly didn't expect anything positive, and regarding the cover, I was proved right: he didn't even respond to that. However, he did tell me how much I'd have to pay to free Friends and Lovers. It was more than three times less than I'd originally been told, so I jumped at the opportunity.

JMS Books has agreed to re-publish it, hopefully some time in November. It will get a new cover, and I trust her enough to be certain I'll be happy with it. gem225 has agreed to help with any revisions. (and all the music lines will need to be removed--how did they not mention the problem of copyrighted music?)

This will probably cut down on the number of books I'd planned to get out.

And I just hope nothing comes up where I feel the need to contribute. (My mother should have named me Ado Annie: I can't say no.) Well, this year it looks like I'll have to. Right now, I'm working on Complications by the Number which will probably include You Were Made for Me. There's also Two for Home, the companion piece for Home Before Sundown, Lagoon of Dreams, the second book in the Strange, Strange World series, and possibly The Food of Love, which will be the "novelization" of the movie Spike is acting in. ;-)

Okay, off for the dreaded walk.
I'm doing another blog today. Mychael was kind enough to let me discuss two books, both about vampires. I'll give some background on them and how I came to write them.

Stop by and take a look. ;-)
I have mixed feelings about this day. It would have been the 17th birthday of my first grandson, Harry George. He was born two months premature via emergency C-section because the ultrasound tech had discovered something that sent her running for the doctor. As it turned out, Little Harry had a dilated cardiomyopathy. We had him for a little more than two months, and then, on April 17th, we got that phone call in the middle of the night.

Last year, he would have gotten his driver's license. This year, he probably would have been dating a lovely girl (or boy).

Happy birthday, little man. You're loved and missed.

Jan. 18th, 2017

Since the writing is going so freaking slow, I thought I'd better go visit some blogs to remind people I'm still here.

Today, I'm at Cameron Allie's Wednesday: #AuthorSpotlight. I discuss the start of my newest series with Destiny's End, as well as offering an exclusive excerpt from If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going. This is one of the funniest scenes I've written, and I have to admit I love a disconcerted Mark Vincent. ;-)

Gaudeamus Igitur didn't win the contest, but it did get some very nice feedback and a request to enter a sequel. Somewhere down the road, possibly, but I've got two books I'm desperate to finish, so that will have to stay on the back burner.

Home Before Daylight, the western that takes place in the 1860s, is almost finished, but it's topping out at 103k, and the word count is limited to 93k. I do have another book published with JMS Books that runs to almost 105k, so I'm hopeful this will be accepted. Otherwise, I might have to take off the last few chapters and make that its own novella.

I was saddened to hear Wilde City Books will be closing. They're doing it the right way though, informing their authors in advance that this will happen and promising to pay all royalties for their authors and fees for their cover artists and editors. After seeing what ARe did, as well as Torquere, Elora's Cave, and Samhaim, this is refreshing. I only have one novella published with them in an anthology, but it was a pleasure working with them.
Because yesterday was my birthday, Jms Books is offering all my books at 50% off. (I did so much running around yesterday I totally forgot to mention it, but the sale is still going on today.)


Join me in my birthday celebration!

This weekend, from 1/6-1/9, I'm having a birthday sale at Smashwords! My books are 50% off! Just use the following codes:

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I'm involved in a completion over at Bad Bible. My story is a short called Gaudeamus Igitur. If you have some spare time, hope on by, and maybe vote for it if you like it. :-)